Shalaka Joshi: Finsmart Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The CEO of Magazine India

We strive to build a global outsourced accounting and payroll organization that is recognized as a Trusted Growth Partners for its clients and employees,” shared Shalaka Joshi, on what drives her to jump out of bed every morning.

For decades now, traditional accounting has been replaced with digitized solutions. In parallel, for the longest time, women limited in certain roles have eventually broken the glass ceiling to transform into fierce, focused, and fabulous businesswoman. One such woman, who has revolutionized a historically male-dominated industry of numbers, is Shalaka Joshi.

Finsmart Solutions, an incredible business in her own right, entered the Indian outsourced accounting landscape in 2006, to revolutionize the industry as one of its kind. Offering dedicated finance and accounting services when outsourcing accounting was not familiar to most mid-sized and small-sized brands, the brand successfully carved a reputation for itself as a single destination for accounting, taxation, and payroll compliances for various business entities.

Finsmart Team

Finsmart Team

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