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How can CPA firms in the USA benefit from Outsourcing Bookkeeping operations to India?

The recent trend in business shows that many USA-hailed CPA firms are availing their outsourcing accounting services from India, a nation that proudly owns a high population of English-speaking and skilled youths.

Consequently, the outsourcing service sector is booming in India, with accounts and finance forming the major part of the outsourcing services that India is providing. 

Outsourcing the back end bookkeeping services to India can benefit CPA firms in the USA through the following ways:

1. Cost-effective approach

India offers labor at a lower cost than the labor costs in the developed nations like the USA and Canada.

Thus, the professionals taking care of the finances and accountants will demand a relatively lower payment than their foreign counterparts, doing the outsourcing service cheap for the USA-based CPA firms. These firms get the finest and proficient services in return for low-cost charges.

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2. Increases work productivity

Ensuring an efficient flow of operations is where businesses focus the most. The CPA firms may not possess an unlimited budget or resources, which is where the outsourcing services come at aid. These accounts outsourcing service providers from India have all the necessary inputs that accelerate the productivity of small-scale CPA firms.

3. Comes up with top-notch infrastructure

The outsourcing service providers hailing from -India proudly own exclusive infrastructure facilities, much to the CPA firms’ advantage. This enables smooth functioning, allowing the international services to receive the finest services.

From optimum internet connectivity to required software and tools, Indian accounting outsourcing firms have everything in place. Thus, the USA-based accounting firms can have wide potential to draw out the best services, spending some minimal amounts.

4. Consultations and Support that come alongside

Besides providing cost-effective services, the Indian outsourcing units can offer legal support and assistance to the newly emerging CPA firms during complex circumstances.

These outsourcers have all the necessary knowledge about the international systems of accounting and taxations, IFRS, and GAAP, which allow them to offer expert advice and consultation to the partnered CPA firms. This, in turn, provides the growing CPA entities to work, function, and manage things better.

5. Can work with all scale and sizes

The outsourcing service providers from India can partner with diversified firms and cater to various scaled firms’ needs. This flexibility makes the Indian account outsourcing service providers advantageous for all types of CPA firms.

Moreover, they are flexible with various time zones, making it possible to work for a prolonged period for some projects without compromising the quality.

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6. Legal policies are supportive

The Indian administration has offered a favorable and profitable environment to the outsourcing sector by putting unnecessary restrictions, rules, and regulations on foreign firms.

Rather, the policies are quite favorable and suitable, thus helping in further blooming up of this sector and inviting the international businesses’ attention for outsourcing.


Undoubtedly, the brands from developed countries looking forward to expanding or taking their businesses to the next level look towards talented and skilled Indians to derive the finest services.

So with the advantages of cost-friendliness, efficiency, and latest technology, outsourcing accounting services to India can free up the extra load from the USA-based CPA firms and help them scale up their business.

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