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MediaMagic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a product engineering company in the Home Entertainment and Smart Home domain. With 10+ years of industry experience and 30+ corporate clients worldwide, the IT company has built a strong team that brings deep domain expertise to cater fullstack product development requirements of clients.


MediaMagic faced a lot of challenges with respect to accounting and
visibility of business profitability. The global organization required start-toend accounts and finance support including vendor management,
accounting, MIS, and statutory compliances.
With the core team spending a lot of time managing unorganized
accounting and finance functions, critical business functions were not
getting the right amount of attention.


  • Weekly accounting process set up.
  • Bill booking and vendor payments started on a
    weekly basis.
  • Proactive fund requirement analysis for smarter
    fund planning.
  • Monthly accounting and closing of books.
  • Setup of weekly trackers for work done.
  • Half-yearly audit recommendation


To simplify the management of accounting and finance data, we
supported the transition to Tally and Dropbox. Finsmart Solutions also
used modern ERP to simplify the planning and execution of accounting


  • The whole process of accounting and finance was streamlined.
  • Timely audits and reviews.
    Support with due diligence during the
    acquisition phase.
  • Simplified fund planning and management.

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Shalaka Joshi

Shalaka Joshi


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Shalaka Joshi is the founder of Finsmart Accounting and operates in the capacity of Director. A Chartered Accountant passionate about outsourcing and problem-solving, Shalaka has more than 20 years of experience in the field of accounting, payroll and MIS reports.

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